Cookies uses cookies and web analytics. Below you can see which cookies we use and for what purpose.

Type of cookies used by uses cookies for web analytics and survey purposes.

Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are cookies that enable visitors to be tracked when they visit other websites. does not use tracking cookies. The website therefore does not support browsers’ DoNotTrack settings. complies with the legislation that is applicable in the Netherlands.

Cookies for web analytics and survey purposes uses cookies for web analytics and survey purposes. We do this to understand how our visitors use the website. This information helps us to improve our website by adding more information or improving user-friendliness, for example.

These types of cookies do not impact your privacy. They therefore fall under the exception provision of the cookies regulation in the Dutch Telecommunications Act. As a result, does not ask for permission to place these cookies.

Web analytics uses web analytics. We use the open source web analysis package Piwik to do this. analyses the data collected in order to tailor our website to visitors even better. does not use the data collected for any purpose other than improving the website. The table below shows which cookies are used.

Name of cookie Purpose
Web analytics cookies

Is the visitor a new visitor, or has the visitor visited our site before?

Cookie_pk_ses Which pages did the visitor view?
Cookie_pk_ref Which site did the visitor come from?

Surveys on

From time to time, carries out surveys among visitors to the website. In those instances, a survey status cookie is used. It keeps track of whether a visitor participated in the online survey. The following cookies are used. 

Survey cookies
Name of cookie Purpose
Cookie _pk_cvar Was an online survey invitation shown in this visit?

Cookie surveyvisittime

How long did the visit last?
Cookie surveystatus

Did the visitor take part in the online survey on