Introducing the NCCA web portal

In early March, the Dutch NCCA organised a meeting for representatives from CABs to provide training on how to use our web portal 'Mijn RDI' (in English ‘My RDI’).

The ‘Mijn RDI’ web portal will be used to facilitate communication between the CABs and the Dutch NCCA. The portal allows CABs to submit licensing and certification requests, while enabling the NCCA team to communicate official decisions efficiently. 

The CABs who attended the training are currently licensed under the national NSCIB scheme, which is the predecessor of the EUCC in The Netherlands. The EUCC is the first scheme under the CSA that has become operational in the EU. The Dutch NCCA will perform oversight on the high-level assurance certification of ICT products. During the training, we demonstrated the web portal and answered questions from the attendees. We hope that the CABs will activate their eHerkenning facilities ( EH3 or higher) to access 'Mijn RDI' and utilize it.

This training signifies another step forward in our collaborative efforts to achieve EUCC certifications in The Netherlands. We are excited to work together to support a reliable and available digital infrastructure within the European Union. 

More information on becoming a licensed CAB in the Netherlands can be found on our Information for certifiers and evaluators page.

If you are also interested in taking the training, please reach out to us for support at

Kind regards,
NCCA The Netherlands